The SHOTTO Story

Once upon a time…. on a hot day in a beautiful village, nestled between high mountains and vineyards, two soulmates discussed multiple solutions to one specific challenge.

He said “There are many solutions to one challenge. Why not involve many young, energetic, open minded people to create the solution for this one challenge?”

She kinda understood, but could not understand the bigger picture. As her nature, she used the World Wide Web to still her curiosity.

The conclusion was: She found what she always knew.

2 + 2= 5

If there weren’t different ways for doing something better, in this fast technological changing world we live in, it might have been 4.

So this journey began.

What is that which we seek in life? The soulmates asked each other.

Opportunities for all.

Upliftment on social and environmental issues.

Helping people to be great.

Helping communities and companies to tap into great solutions.

And so… SHOTTO was born.

The baby that will grow and form into a beautiful platform for innovations, life changing opportunities and helping to change our planet earth into a GREEN paradise.

The soulmates looked at each other and knew….this was a good day.